Q: What are the ingredients?

A: Ethanol, Water, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Silica, Kaolin, Hydroxpropyl Guar

Q: Where can I find reviews? 

A: RIGHT HERE. At the bottom of the page, and it may take a second to load the section!

Q: Is it sticky?

A: Not at all! Rapid Traction instantly absorbs any moisture, stays dry and provides just enough tack - so it's maximum traction between you and any surface!

Q: What does the texture feel like?

A: Rapid Traction applies as a gel, and once it's fully dry it feels like an invisible glove, repelling moisture and blocking sweat. It does take approx 30 seconds to set  (accelerated by wafting hands in air/blowing on them)

 Q: Why does shipping cost so much?

A: We ship all orders via Canada Post, and unfortunately they tend to charge more for rural areas and further provinces. The international Air Mail rates are generally under 10$ CND. The best thing you can do is request us at your local pole studio or gym!