20x Rapid Traction @ 8.00/unit + FREE Display Unit

20x Rapid Traction @ 8.00/unit + FREE Display Unit

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  • Suggested retail is 19.99 CND
  • YOUR GROSS RETAIL PROFIT @ 20 units = 399.80
  • YOUR NET RETAIL PROFIT @ 20 units = 239.80

Order this box set to MAXIMIZE your retail profit margins!


Your clients strive to progress with your fitness, why shouldn't your grip?

Rapid Traction is formulated to counteract sweat before it occurs while repelling humidity accumulated from the environment you're working in. 

Does your grip leave you feeling sticky? Not a problem with Holy Grip! We leave you with an absolute sheer amount of 'tack' so you can securely climb, hold, and drop to your hearts content with one application!

Rapid Traction Ultra Strength is lab tested and formulated for all skin types! Personally, we find the sweatier your palms the better. 

  • Effectively prevents sweat, repels moisture, and dries clear leaving you with an enhanced grip to elevate your lift game.
  • Kaolin Clay provides just enough 'tack' to support a heavy lift or a hold with zero slip. 
  • Apply a small amount to anchor points, and allow to set for 30 seconds prior to use.
  • Proudly made in Canada 🍁
  • Vegan Friendly
  • TSA Approved - Perfect to travel internationally!