Premium Athletic Liquid Grip

Block Sweat with Rapid Traction Liquid Grip!

Climb to the Heavens with the most Bad Ass Athletic Liquid Grip! Guaranteed to Counteract Sweaty Palms for up to 45minInvisible-Tack as opposed to a Slippery Chalk feel, while Keeping your Hands Completely Dry! Secure your Stunts with Maximum Friction, and Dry Hands! Climb Stronger, Pump Weights Longer, Pole Dance with Precision!

"One application for your entire climbing session is All you'll need!"

Features an absolute sheer amount of tack on your palms and anchor points whenever friction occurs giving you an added sense of security for athletic activities, especially beneficial for rock climbing and pole fitness!

Unlike other liquid grips on the market you only require a small amount for a smooth, invisible, dry finish that stays put and lasts longer than other grip aids.

"Every climber's secret weapon!"

"Seriously, a little dab will do!"

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2 products

2 products