The Most Interesting Pole Fitness Blogs

Welcome to the Online Pole Fitness Instruction Head Quarters!

We're truly inspired by our Pole Dancing Community, seeing everyone's personal growth and passion for overcoming challenges to push their boundaries is truly the definition of awesome, and adds so much strength to each and every one of us!

Start by stretching, put on your best pole dancing knee-pads, and get ready to master your wildest pole goals!

CAUTION: The Pole Fitness Blogs featured below boast a boundless wealth of 100% Free pole dancing classes for all shapes and sizes, vital tips from pole experts, new pole tricks, including how-to's & instructional videos! **Not for the faint of heart.

Best part is, these are written and curated by the Pole Fitness industry's Top Educators and Mentors WORLD WIDE!

Seriously. Check these out & Comment with your favorite below!


Pole Dancerka Blog

  One of the most under rated pole dancing blogs available online! Their layout is concise, visually stunning and all information presented isn't entirely dissimilar to a well organized charcuterie plate before deciding what to bite into for a main course. You'll find all of their content is personally inspiring and ignites a stronger sense of passion for what we do best. Click Here to see for yourself! 

Pole Dancerka Fitness Blog


Pole Fit Freedom Blog

"The most comprehensive and detailed pole dancing blog you’ll find online! We write about pole dance tips, reviews, inspiration, tutorials and loads more!"

These guys offer a vast range of expertise from multiple sources to keep you in top shape for your pole fitness needs! Click here to see for yourself.

Jenyne Butterfly

Jenyne Butterfly is the undisputed powerhouse of pole dancing, a conduit for creativity, and high voltage world entertainer!

She literally brought pole dancing to the world's main stage with her ground breaking performance in Cirque Du Soleil, featuring a one of a kind aerial spiral pole that was suspended from the big top!

She has choreographed countless productions and segments that always incorporate powerful, considered movements - making everything seems as effortless as floating through air - like a butterfly!

Find out her secrets to success HERE!

Jenyne Butterfly Pole Dancing Master

Pole Athletica

Meet the highly successful students around the world and join the lessons of Pole Athletica, a unique introspection to pole dancing as a community as well as instruction - making it easy to pickup a virtual class at your leisure! Click Here to Get Started!


Confessions of a Twirly Girl 

"This blog blossomed in 2010 to chronicle adventures in pole dance after weight loss surgery! Join me on my journey toward enlightenment. The size of my body doesn't dictate my worth. I believe living a life full of gratitude and joy helps lead to a true mind, body and spirit connection. You have the power to manifest your best life!" Click Here to Get Inspired!

Confessions of a Twirly Girl Pole Dancing Blog


Blogger on Pole

Explore the possibilities of pole dancing with this beautifully articulated European pole dancing blog, written with intent to conjure emotions that we can all immediately relate to! Click Here to Get Amongst It!

Blogger on Pole Dancing Blog


Reddit - Pole Dancing Community

The biggest pole thread on the internet, if you want to be the first to know something you'll find it here! Also, if you've ever been shadow-banned from Instagram, you're not alone, this is the core of our community - unfiltered!

Click Here to Check it Out! 

Reddit Pole Dancing Blog Community


Australian Pole Dancers Magazine

Learn spins, kicks and nose dives all in this inclusive detailed blog!

Pro Tip: The archives on this are phenomenal learning grounds for beginners or advanced pole dancers, if you've ever wondered what it's like to pole dance in your third trimester, or how pole dancing classes can heal you this is your blog!

Click Here to Get Down Under! 

Australian Pole Dancing Magazine


Brass Vixens, Canada

A pole dancing staple in the native home of the north we call Canada. These Vixens will teach you everything you need to know about pole dancing in a beautifully concise layout with updates every few weeks! Learn how to exchange energy along with some powerful transitional moves! Click Here to Check Them Out! 

Brass Vixens Pole Dancing Studio Blog, Toronto Canada

The Pole Room

"I wanted to create a community where each individual uplifts the other – an environment where one person’s success, strength and confidence is as celebrated as your own."

These guys braved the shark tank with their keen entrepreneurial spirit and dared to bring pole dancing to prime time Television.Well rounded fantastic blog to check out! Click Here! 

The Pole Room, Shark Tank Pole Dancing Blog


Fun meets technical, a solid mashup of both brings us to BoomKats Pole Dancing Blog. You'll learn something about yourself, introspection, or a crazy new skill like underwater pole dancing photography! Check these guys out!! CLICK HERE!

Boom Kats Pole Dancing Blog Brett Stanley Photography

Pole Freaks feat. Holly Munson

"I started PoleFreaks with the aim of bringing the pole dance community together in sharing training tips, and celebrating our achievements on the pole."

When you're ready to break your routine and learn something new, take it from a pro like Holly Munson who's been at it since 2009! Owner, operator, and pole dancing champion! Check out her incredible lessons on life and pole CLICK HERE!


Comment Below with Your Favorite Pole Move! (Ours are the Phoenix & Brass Monkey!)



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