Top 10 Benefits of Pole Dancing

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It's no secret that pole dancing has a long list of benefits and features that will extend your health and help you overcome challenges! We've put together the Top 10 Benefits of Pole Dancing to inspire you to climb to new heights, and flex a new form.

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Pole Dancing Benefits


1. Endurance

Performing a whole pole dancing routine takes around 4-5 minutes depending on the duration of your song choice. This length is more than enough to test your body to its limit. Each move you practice, every moment you spend practicing your whole routine, and all the cardio, core buildup, and strength improvement exercises you do contributes to the development of your endurance.

Each move you practice, every moment you spend practicing your whole routine, and all the cardio, core buildup, and strength improvement exercises you do contributes to the development of your endurance.

2.Lose Weight

Many women became interested in pole dancing because of its ability to burn fats. The intensive dance moves burn a considerable amount of calories during the workout. An hour of working on the pole can burn up to 250 calories which are almost the same as other gym exercises.
As you learn more advanced and challenging moves, you get to work out more muscle groups and get to burn more fats in those areas.


Although pole dancing requires incredible muscle strength to properly pull the tricks off, it equally needs the body’s flexibility to retain the dance’s sensuality.

Pole dancing moves will surely stretch your muscles to the limit with its string of leg and arm extensions, splits, bends, curls, and a lot more other tricks.

Building up your core strength and balance greatly contributes to your body’s flexibility. Improving your body’s elasticity also helps prevent immediate muscle strains and injuries, increases muscle recovery time, and improves overall joint strength.

4. Core Strength

Pulling yourself up the pole is no easy feat. It requires an incredible amount of core strength to be able to maintain balance and finesse.

Several dance moves require a strengthened core to flawlessly pull them off. The warm-up exercises for pole dancing also consist of routines heavily focused on the conditioning of core muscles.


Maintaining proper posture and form while on the pole requires tremendous muscle coordination and impeccable balance. Repeatedly practicing your pole dancing exercises will improve your overall balance on and off the dance pole.


As you improve your body’s flexibility, core strength, endurance, balance, and gain every other benefit we’ve discussed, you’ll notice that you’re getting more comfortable with your overall appearance. After all, one of the main inviting factors pole dancing offers is its ability to make you look and feel sexy.

The confidence you gain from learning a new skill and the gradual toning of your body brings about positive changes both to your mental and physical outlook.

7. Increased Metabolism

As you dive deeper into pole dancing, you’ll discover how receptive you’ll become to dieting. After all, you need to lose extra weight if you want to be able to easily pull yourself up the pole and perfectly execute all the moves and tricks.

Pole dancing diet usually encourages eating small portions of food several times a day. Eating smaller meal sizes 5-6 times a day increases the body’s metabolism rate and helps maintain energy at a constant level.

8. Cardio

Continuously doing strenuous muscular activities like climbs, spins, and inversions, are definitely exhausting, not to mention you have to perform floor works too during transitions. Combining these routines throughout the performance duration which usually lasts an average of 5 minutes will surely have your heart racing.

10.Stress Reduction

 If you're stressed from everyday activities, you may want to try pole dancing as your stress reliever. Pick a track that speaks to you, turn the volume up, and just move! Pole dancing, accompanied by music, can relieve your stress in just a short amount of time!


Check out this video from Dr.Nora, featuring the benefits of Pole Dancing!


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