Things To Know Before Your First Pole Dance Class

Author: Fallon Lang
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Choosing The Right Pole Studio For You
When choosing your new studio, you should look for the following
  • The studio offers a beginners class. You shouldn't be thrown into a intermediate level class.
  • The studio is well maintained. You should not have to train in a dirty, unloved environment. Floors should be clean and free of cracks, along with clean poles, and bathrooms.
  • The poles should be securely attached to the ceiling. It is important that you are able to fully trust your pole, so you can train with confidence.
  • Your instructor should have a positive, encouraging attitude, and has to be able to explain and demonstrate moves clearly within their class.
  • Instructors should also be fully invested in supervising their class, and paying attention to each one of their students to ensure moves are being carried out safely and correctly.  
  • It definitely helps if the people within your class are positive and friendly, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident with your pole journey.
What Should I Expect At My First Pole Class?  

Your first pole lesson will be a basic introductory, letting you gradually become acquainted with the pole and beginner moves.  Your teacher will start with a warm up, which may consist of plyometric and conditioning exercises followed by some stretching.  You will then go over a few beginner spins/moves, and some slinky floorplay, finished with a cool down (light stretching).

Do You Have To Be Strong To Pole Dance?  

You do not need to be strong or even in good shape to start pole dancing! Pole is an awesome cardiovascular and isometric exercise, so you will lose weight, tone and become strong just by practicing.  Even when you are struggling to nail that invert, or you can't wrap your head around that Fireman's spin, every practice attempt is you becoming a little fitter and stronger.

Can You Do Pole Dancing If You Are Plus Size?  
Plus Size Curvy Pole Dancer
Pole dancing is a great, healthy exercise for if you are plus size, and maybe want to lose weight, build confidence, express yourself through sensual dance, or just gain strength and appreciate the sheer power that your body has to offer.  Because you may be lifting more weight than others in class, it may take a little longer to achieve certain tricks as you will need more muscle power than others, but you will become stronger with each and every attempt.  If pole dancing is a form of exercise that excites you; building strength will be your BEST friend.  More muscle equals more calories burned.

Is It Normal To Feel Anxious About My First Class?

It's absolutely normal to feel nervous before your first pole lesson.  You may be nervous at the thought of standing in a room full of new faces, wearing minimal clothing or worrying about looking silly.  Just remember that the other students are all just as nervous as you, but you are all there for many of the same reasons; to master elegant shapes on the pole, become stronger, lose weight, build confidence and to unleash that inner feline.  Maybe try easing your nerves by reaching out and saying hello to your pole neighbour. 

You Will Form New Friendships

A pole dancing class has so much more to offer you than just fitness.  There will be many opportunities for you to make new friends along your exciting new journey.  The more classes you attend, the closer you will become with all the new faces in your life.  I sincerely hope that your experiences with pole dancing have you craving each lesson, and that you become part of a new family of inspired and creative individuals.  Your new pole sisters and brothers will help encourage, assist and support one another, as you all want one another to succeed and make visible progress. 

Tip's For Your First Pole Dance Class:
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  • You do not want to moisturize the day of your pole class. The oils from your lotion will leave a residue on the pole, making it slippery and in turn preventing you from successfully gripping. As well as no body moisturizing, you shouldn't use hand moisturizer, sunblock or tanning lotion.
  • You will need a lot of skin on show to help with grip, so a small pair of fitted shorts (loose shorts tend to not leave much to the imagination when you're in a precarious position), a sports bra and a tank top.  You may also want to bring a pair of leg warmers for if you try some floorplay, this will help to avoid friction burns.
  • Knee pads (Pole Junkies offer a good variety of knee pads) and wrist guards (Sneaky Deez offers a variety of fun wrist wraps) are always an option, for if you become serious about pole dancing.
  • Heels are not a necessity, you can dance barefoot. There are some studios that prefer you dance barefoot.
  • Make sure to leave jewelry at home, as necklaces can be quite a distraction when inverting, and rings scratch the pole.
  • You will sweat! A liquid grip aid can help prevent sweat where it counts; your palms and anchor points (behind the knees, crux of the elbow etc). A small amount of Holy Grip Rapid Traction can help you with this.
  • Tie your hair back especially if it's long, as it can become quite the distraction when you are trying to focus on a move.
  • You will have bruises A.K.A. Pole Kisses, and some tricks will hurt. If you train frequently, your skin will build up a resistance to the pain and bruising. Buy some arnica cream to speed up the healing process

Focus On Yourself

Do not compare your levels of progression to that of others around you. It is a waste of energy and gets you absolutely nowhere! We all learn at different paces. It is important to know that some people are going to breeze through the door with previous dance backgrounds, some may be far more flexible, some may focus on different levels of detail within each trick.  Some may be there to use pole as a fun way to exercise, and others may come to classes because they truly love the artistic expression of dancing.  Whatever your reason(s) are for attending class, remember that you are you, and you are there for yourself. If you don't have these skills when you walk through the door, it will mean that you put a lot more effort into mastering the pole, which in turn will be far more rewarding.

Enjoy Your Experience

Remember, this is your first class and you will not execute every move perfectly.  It may take time to understand the process of each move in your head, no matter how many times the teacher demonstrates it for you. This can be frustrating.  Again, remember to breathe, take your time, maybe even share a laugh with your new friends. There is no rush.  Enjoy YOUR experience.

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