How Do I Make My Hamstrings More Flexible?

Author: Fallon Lang
Why Are Your Hamstrings So Tight?
If you suffer from tight hamstrings (a.k.a. hamchains), you'll know that it can have a huge effect on your pole performances..... Even worse, your everyday life. It is well known that in today's society the majority of the population has less active lifestyles. There are a plethora of reasons but let's just start with 9-5 Desk jobs, binge-watching tv shows on the couch, and sitting in traffic for hours on end just to name a few. With so much inactivity, over time our hamstrings are going to pay the price and ultimately shorten. They tighten up and restrict simple daily life activities. If you are consistent, gentle, and patient, you can actually reverse these effects over time. An added bonus to relieving the tightness in your hamstrings is that it can be mentally and physically relaxing, and let's be honest.... everyone needs and deserves that these days.
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Why Should You Be Kind To Your Hamstrings?
Hamstrings can carry a high amount of tension as they're responsible for extending the hips, flexing the knees, and moving the lower legs. When they are tight, they can weaken your back, which then makes you more susceptible to straining or tearing muscle fibers during physical activities. Trust me, I've been there... It's not fun!  Hamstrings are crucial muscles and because it can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to lengthen hamstrings, ( yes yes we just NEED and WANT that 'Jenyne Butterfly' flexibility right NOW), you need to start listening to your body during stretches. By gently showing them love with patience, consistency, AND without being too forceful... your hamstrings are going to return the love by providing you with extra support for your pelvis and back. These simple tips will reward you with less restrictive movement and far better form while pole dancing.
Stretching & Strengthening Simultaneously 
Pole dancer flexibility, plus size pole dancer, hamstring stretches, pole dance fitnessTo help alleviate the tightness in your hamstrings and provide extra support in your back and pelvis, you need to consciously relax the muscles. Put your breath and focus on the muscles while engaging in the stretches. At the same time, you can strengthen said muscles by contracting them whilst creating the stretch.
I'm sharing a fantastic video that completely changed the way I stretched my hamstrings, and in turn, receiving far better results.
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