Exotic Pole Dancing Make Up Must Haves!

Stage Make Up Made Simple

If you've ever been to a pole dance competition, you'll immediately determine who is a performer and who is an audience attendee just by clocking the make-up in the parking lot.

Every imperfection, redness, uneven skin tones and textures are all amplified under those bright stage lights - whether an actor in front of an 8K film lense, or at a pole dancing competition. Our eyes being windows, the eye-liner is simply the dramatic window-treatment to enhance, sharpen, or diffuse light. 


Having allies to help us outshine on stage are a tale as old as time, for example, a hi-lighter combined with a show-stopping smokey-eye or a bad ass low-back top. Easier said than done right? Well not anymore thanks to the brilliant make-up artists taking the time to upload their expertise on YouTube. 

You're guaranteed to learn something new

Chances are you already have a routine with your look, but following a new make-up tutorial isn't entirely dissimilar to looking up a new recipe for making blueberry pancakes - even if you have one you already know, following an expert's instructions you're guaranteed to learn something new that makes your recipe that much better!


Enter make-up expert Kate Blythe; a.k.a The.Lipstick.Legend, but also a liquid eye-liner assassin which brands her an invaluable and highly sought after asset to provide her expertise in establishing countless roles on the highest budget Hollywood film productions, a regular employee for Netflix, Amazon, and Apple.. She has defined looks for all walks of life, through every era, emotion and transition

A Hustler's inspired look that could cut glass!

Below, you'll find a tutorial she's produced based on the latest show girl/pole dancing film Hustlers, featuring a seemingly ageless Jennifer Lopez showing off her pole dancing skills and flexing her fitness with a cat-eye that could cut diamonds.

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