Pole Fitness: True Strength

If you're reading this you may have noticed some changes and long overdue updates to our page, our goal is to create a more concise platform for our beloved pole fitness community - YOU!

Strength and grace rate highly among the pole community regardless of gender; equal portions of both are required to execute each and every move properly.

The most inspirational entities we look up to exude both; naturally empowering those around them through education. 

As our company grows, we invite you along for the journey, to grow with us and inspire one another through a new education platform.

That being said, we're working tirelessly around the clock to put together FREE pole fitness classes for you online. 

Included online in the next few weeks:

  • Intimate and Interactive Interviews with Top International  Pole Performers 
  • Tips & Tricks from Top Instructors and Pole Studio Owners
  • Online Warm-Up's and Stretches with Fitness Experts
  • Reviews of Pole Specific Products and Pole Dance Clothes on the market
  • Pole-Trick of the Week 

If there's anything you'd like to see specifically please comment below!

Until next week.




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