Structure, Style, and Signature

The Evolution of your Pole Dance Journey

Many of us have been magnetized to pole fitness for a multitude of reasons; the one common denominator seems to be our passion for progression. We set aside our insecurities along with our dance bag against the wall, and draw upon that inspirational picture we've seen on Instagram of that beautiful pose exuding strength, and grace. We warm up our muscles, get our blood pumping a little faster, gear up with our grip Rapid Traction and take aim.

We may not know the logistics of that precise move yet, but we pursue to perfect it. Our teachers can only assist in giving us that needed outside perspective to achieve the move, but its entirely up to us to push through and fully embrace that discomforting burn it takes to achieve it.

Once we hit that targeted position we've been trying to nail we now know exactly what it feels like - which no other person can convey until that moment. Now you can re-create it anytime, and make it your own! 

Evolution in any form requires 3 essential ingredients:


 This is what you bring to the table for routine as there is strength in repetition. The pole itself being the structure required, and lastly the instruction. 


 What moves are you drawn to? Are you only into floor work? Are you a flying monkey at heart? Do you strive to deadlift into position, or kick into a mount? Are you classic or contemporary? All of these make up our style. 


Is it that hair flip at the end or is it the charismatic smile? It's both! This is our top note that people tend to remember us by, our quirks and what makes us.

Still not too sure what that is? Write down 4 core words that make up who you are and combine 2 or more of them at any given moment to establish that it factor that sets you apart. 

 Apply all three Structure, Style and Signature to your practice and see what happens.

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