Reveal Your Inner Pole Goddess!

Author: Fallon Lang

Exotic Pole Dancer

Holy Grip would like to introduce to you our good friend, Sharlene Canning. Sharlene is a professional exotic dancer, whom resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has been performing professionally on stages throughout Canada, for over 17 years. Within her industry, she is best known for her refined floor-work shows. On stage, she commands the audiences attention, start to finish, with her grace, rhythm, sensuality, fluidity and genuine smile.

Who Will You Be On Stage?

For many of us the idea of letting go of the pole; which can be used as a crutch, can be quite intimidating. Sharlene, who has inspired and taught many dancers of varying skill levels throughout her industry, is going to share her insights into helping you create seamless, fluid floor work. Detailing the importance of choosing the right music, and explaining to us how it is the foundation of a strong performance.

Overcoming Your Anxieties 

Performing in front of an audience can be an intimidating step to take. Sharlene too has experienced these fears as she began the path to where she is today. She is kind enough to share her skills and mindset towards overcoming the anxieties of performing in front of an audience, and over time, developing a more confident show.

Photos by: Instagram The Liquid Cherry Strip

Inspirational Pole Dance Artist: Instagram oooh_daria


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