Plus Size Pole Dancing: Basics

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You're wondering; Can you do Pole Dancing if you are over weight?

The answer is yes, absolutely! Pole fitness dancing presents an variety of challenges with an equal number of benefits - which make a beginner pole dancing class an optimal entry level for any weight class to start out with!

It's a nerve wracking feat for most people to start out with anything new, especially in a class setting. We've put together the necessary steps to take you from pole-curious to unleashing your inner sassy pole dancing queen!

  1.  Google "pole dancing class near me", the closer the better! Pick a date and lock it in! Pole fitness studios are recovering from Covid so they may only allow in half of the number of occupants - all the more reason to book your pole dancing class at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule, but also book the following 2 classes after that just to ensure a strong follow through!
  2. Choose your active wear ahead of time!  Can you wear leggings to pole dancing? Only if they are designed to stick to the pole, but ideally the more skin contact the better! 86% of plus size pole dancers recommend two-piece swimwear as the ideal choice for pole dancing clothes. We suggest avoiding full length soft leggings for your first class!
  3. What Shoes should you wear? Heels are the top choice as you'll be pointing your toes regardless of foot wear, but also if you feel like changing out of them barefoot is second best to heels!
  4. Lastly, we highly recommend starting to stretch daily - if you can already do the splits great, if not, now is the best time to start limbering up! Aside from that, do not moisturize the day of your class! Pole grip is your secret weapon, it aids in adding instant (or, Rapid) traction between you and the pole!
  5. Show up! Bring a bottle of water, a small personal towel to clean your hands/pole/sweat, hand sanitizer (duh!), a humble attitude and the best pole grip in the world Rapid Traction!

Is there a weight limit for Pole Dancing Classes? 

Believe it or not, there is no weight limit for pole dancing! It may be a physically challenging activity, but it's the same learning curve across the board. You'll start off learning a basic spin, proper hand placement for maximum grip, and more than likely to learn a lot of floor work. Beginner pole dancing classes are the best place to start!


Does Pole Dancing help you lose weight?

Pole fitness requires an extension of form throughout your entire body, starting with an anchor point and ending with the tension held to point your toes. It's a full body activity, that elevates cardiovascular rates while performing isometrics - the contraction of specific muscle groups, great for maintaining strength, toning muscles and burning carlories! To lose weight, a diet plan is your best weapon to target your goal, pole fitness is the vehicle to get you there. Pole dancing for plus sizes is beating obesity one spin at a time!

How Long does it take to become a professional Pole Dancer?

The varying degrees of profession are up to your level of commitment, some can take 3 weeks to learn a shoulder-mount and that's their only trick throughout their pole dancing career. Other's can persevere through and utilize the same time frame to learn a variety of foundational skills and begin perfecting them. The best way to accelerate your growth is to practice regularly and often!

We've included a video below on the hurdles and challenges you may face as a plus size pole dancer just starting out, be brave, be patient and practice daily!

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