Pandemic Date Night? 5 Reasons to go Indoor Rock Climbing!

Get a Grip on Indoor Rock Climbing!

Locked down and out? Gym closed? Walls closing in on you? Tension building with your significant other or new date? Winter is fast approaching here in North America, and as temperatures drop outdoors we all need a place to get our flex on, to challenge ourselves and overcome failure while reaching for a higher goal.

Sound familiar? No, this isn't self-motivation paraphrasing, it's Rock Climbing 101, and we here at Holy Grip Athletics find it makes for THE BEST DATE no matter where you are in your relationship! Even a work relationship benefits greatly from the trust building exercises found at a climbing gym.

Let's get started, Here are FIVE REASONS to book you and your partner of choice in for a climbing session or perhaps an introductory class at your local indoor climbing gym!

 #1. "Climb On!" The Ultimate Sense of Trust and Communication!

Whether or not you and your partner are belay certified doesn't matter, 90% of climbing centers offer a bouldering section that is generally much cheaper, doesn't require additional equipment rentals, and ZERO previous experience. You can both climb simultaneously next to each other, helping strategize safely to the top! Forget escape rooms, indoor rock climbing and bouldering is the ultimate visual interactive puzzle and requires genuine team work to succeed. 

If you already have been belay certified you know exactly what we're talking about here, one persons entire life and well being is in your hands - literally. and any accidents or mishaps while climbing is on you. It's an unparalleled exercise in trust.


#2 Help Improve Each Others Technique

Watching your partner grip for each jug, sloper, pocket and pinch. Reaching with every ounce of integrity for the next one while ascending to their ultimate goal of the top. Being on the ground, whether belaying or bouldering, we have the opportunity to help strategize, truly listen to one another, and congratulate with positive reinforcement on small victories. Not entirely dissimilar to watching a friend play a challenging level on a video game, only this one isn't a game, and you only get one life to advance. The risk is real, and learning new techniques is something that comes with practice and repetition. Learning new grips can help, but listening to your air traffic controller is where it's at!

#3 "Take!" - Breaks in Conversation

Every climber has to come down at some point and with that a decline in adrenaline, you've over come something within yourself and you'll immediately check in with each other while also relating the struggle you faced to something else in your life. Common interests abound, and conversation pieces to draw upon down the dating road!

#4 Rock Climbing is Sexy!

Rock climbing Mens Harness Tight Package Boner Inducing

Needless to say, but we thought we'd say it. The rush of blood to every fiber of muscle in you body while climbing gives a flush look to skin, adrenaline and tight active wear. Not to mention the harness on men leaves little to the imagination, from every angle. Pulling, pushing, reaching, grabbing.. You truly get a sense of your partners potential in bed with their climbing style. Especially if they brought their own Rapid Traction, which is essentially the polar opposite of lube, no one likes sweaty palms!

#5 Get a Grip on your Time Together!

A climbing date is inexpensive compared to cocktails and dinner, which you can always add on after the final descent. Liquid grip is inexpensive (we highly recommend ordering a bottle of Rapid Traction prior to), and the highest cost is harness/shoe rental. You'll learn much about each other, earn well deserved trust, and find where you stand in communication. Bouldering is inexpensive, and top rope ever so slightly more. The bottom line of having an outstanding first date is priceless!

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