Is Pole Dancing Good For Your Body & Mind?

Author: Fallon Lang

Pole dancing fitness is a beautiful way to embrace your inner feline, but it also offers many health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are a few of the benefits from joining this wonderful community.

Improved Strength, Cardio & Tone

strong pole dancer fitness

Pole dancing combines cardio fitness, resistance training, muscular strength and flexibility, which makes it an incredible full body workout with many benefits. 

As pole relies on continuous movement; inverting, climbing, spins and suspending your own body weight for extended periods of time, you will start to notice strength gains, improved cardiovascular and body tone from engaging so many different muscles groups, within just a few sessions.

Increased Flexibility

flexibility pole dance fitness

The repetitive motions of pole dancing; also known as ballistic stretching, elongates and stretches muscle fibers over time leading to improved flexibility.  Movements like forward bends and back-bends, spins, kicks and many other actions, use your body's weight and momentum to push itself slightly past its current natural ability (make sure not to be too forceful with movements, as this may lead to injury).

Boosts Body Confidence

Gina Mellor Pole Krazee Pole dancer

Once you've been attending pole dance classes for a few months, you will start to notice huge changes in how your body looks and feels; stronger, firmer and more limber. You will most likely feel more comfortable in the skimpier clothing necessary for pole, and maybe even feel like treating yourself to the bikini that you didn't dare to wear the summer before.  

With dedication to training, you will feel body positive in no time!!

Reduces Anxiety

Pole dancing is a brilliant form of exercise to help you maintain your mental fitness.  Exercise through pole can work quickly to elevate your mood, reduce tension, improve sleep and self esteem!

Stress can deplete your energy and ability to concentrate, but with consistent exercise it aids in reducing fatigue, improving your alertness and concentration.

What is your favourite song to pole dance to? Leave your answer in the comment box below!!! 


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