Is Pole Dancing an Olympic Sport?

Pole Dancing at the Olympics? Global Sports Organization give it the Green Light!


Pole Dancing currently has been recently recognized under certain conditions an official athletic sport thanks in part to the countless athletes out there, but also a huge shout out to the Global Association of International Sports Federation!

“Pole Sports is a performance sport combining dance and acrobatics on a vertical pole,” GAISF writes on its website. “Pole Sports requires great physical and mental exertion, strength and endurance are required to lift, hold and spin the body. A high degree of flexibility is needed to contort, pose, demonstrate lines and execute techniques.”

Pole Dancing in the Olympics

How to join the Olympics

Nominating an athletic activity as an official sport is a long due process, with ongoing hurdles and challenges before landing the bid. Pole fitness is no joke, and a tenacity for overcoming challenges is precisely the edge needed to secure our official title in the Olympics. 

“Getting into the Olympics is a huge production. It’s a huge deal, it involves layers and layers and layers of review and study, commissions, committees,” said Alan Abrahamson, a sports columnist who has covered the Olympics for the LA Times, NBC Sports and 3wiresports for 20 years.

Surfing and Rock Climbing are the more contemporary adds to the summer Olympic line up, and took many years of consideration to make the cut. Pole Dancing is something that has surpassed the curve of any fitness trend, giving weight and clout to our recognized platform and pole athletes.

“To get in it requires appeal to the International Olympic Committee’s target group, which is teenagers and young 20-somethings and that’s why surfing is in and squash is not,” Abrahamson said.

A trending urban sport like break-dancing has recently caught fire with younger generations throughout south east Asia, giving way to the mainstream staying power required to make it into the Olympics as soon as 2024!

Pole dancing, in 2017 passed the inital exam into a possible Olympics bid when it was given observation status from the Global Association of International Sports Federations. Prior to that, the organization behind the Pole Dancing federation submitted an application to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to be officially recognized.

It is now working on adding more federations in countries around the world to prove it has a broad, international appeal. It is also working on earning recognition from other sports organizations. However, there is still a long way to go before the sport could end up in the Olympics.

Pole Fitness Poses A Challenge for Sports

Pole fitness enthusiast internationally have long been waiting for the day to be recognized in the mainstream, if not to just absolve the stigma associated with urban components of the pole dancing industry.

Pole Fitness Olympics Petition



Pole Fitness to Combat Stereotypes, but not for Everyone


While some look forward to seeing their passion and fitness routines critiqued by the world's best, in equal representation of both male and female. There are a few who would rather not have the sport become a regimented rule based event.

Showgirls and strippers alike associate engaging with a pole to result in an exchange of money, capital in return for their work in pleasing fantasies with rock hard revenue. That exchange is their income, and out of the club, pole dancing can be viewed as a means to purely express their feelings in an empowering movement.

Having either of these brought to a regimented rule based system is viewed by some to diminish femininity in emphasizing the feats of strength required in a point-grading system, over the feelings and expression of sexuality.


In the wake of the #metoo movement, the final outcome of the Olympic committee to officially add Pole Dancing as a titled sport in their international events is currently circumstantial. Taking an art form that's at the epicenter of sexuality and rendering it equal to Figure Skating is a beautiful thought, especially with all the upcoming rising talent and push from athletic individuals globally. Perhaps this is precisely what is needed to regain power and accountability in the corporate world, is place a pole on the world stage and let the music play. It's worked in the microcosm of strip clubs, why not?

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    When the Chinese and Russian took all the gold in this “event”, it will drop out of Olympic like weight lifting and others.

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    If you do make a pole dancing in the Olympics signed me up


    Yes……should be admitted into the OLYMPICS

  • Annechovie

    I’m proud and excited to see how polefitness takes off! I love this sport and the amount of skill and athleticism required for the pole is ASTOUNDING!! It’s about time it’s recognized as a sport!!

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