Advice from Pole Fitness Expert; Heather Heaven

Who is Heather Heaven? 

She is a pole fitness athletic angel dismounting from the heavens to elevate our craft, perfect our pole performance, and learn a thing or two about exotic dancing stage shows! 

Heather calls the Pacific Northwest of Canada home, and is no stranger to international tours as a successful showgirl - boasting an extensive resume, and multiple awards for exotic dance - with no shortage of stories from the road!

When she's not training hard, she's hanging out with her Pomeranian Lemon.

Check out here Instagram to see the incredible line of bikini's she's developed!

Heather Heaven Miss Exotic World

Meet Pole Dancing Expert Heather Heaven!

Pole Fitness Plus: "Let's start with a fun fact about you.."

Heather Heaven: "Fun fact:I used to want to be a competitive eater!"


Pole Fitness Plus: "What's do you see for the future of Pole Fitness?"

Heather Heaven: "I see pole fitness becoming even more inclusive than it already is, and showcasing those that are on the outskirts of the community!"

 Heather Heaven Exotic Dancer Pole Fitness Expert

Pole Fitness Plus:

"When did you know Pole Dancing was for you?"

Heather Heaven: "Once I started working in clubs when I was 20, and saw all those strong beautiful women, I knew it was for me."


Pole Fitness Plus:

"How has pole dancing changed your life?"

Heather Heaven:

"Pole has changed my everyday life by surrounding me with all these amazing like-minded individuals, showing me that fitness can be fun and beautiful - and that pole is for ANYONE! "


Pole Fitness Plus: "If you could pick one move to be known by?"

Heather Heaven: "It would be the shoulder mount! I love the shoulder mount, there's so many variations, there's so many transitions into new moves, it's beautiful - shoulder mount 100%!"


Pole Fitness Plus: "How do you choreograph your shows?"

Heather Heaven"A lot of my performances are mostly improvised, so if I'm doing a competition I'll have a general idea of what I'm going to do at one point in the song, but by no means is it choreographed - especially when you're performing for an audience that's meant to be interactive with you, you need to be able to change things up on the fly!

If you're nervous about improvising, I suggest giving a try, it can really teach you a lot about who you are as a performer."

Heather Heaven Pole Dancing Expert


Pole Fitness Plus: "What's something you've learned about yourself from being on tour?"

Heather Heaven: "Every time I return from a tour, I'm refreshed! I realize how much I really do love pole dancing and performing, and I realize just how lucky I am to be able to show myself to the world!"

Pole Fitness Plus: "What are you moves are working on right now?"

Heather Heaven: "I'm not working on anything too pole specific right now, but it kind of leads into pole with the balance and strength - I'm working a lot on hand balancing right now, so I look forward to bringing that to the stage pretty soon!"


Pole Fitness Plus: "How do you overcome fear?"

Heather Heaven: "NO pole journey is going to be a straight line from A to B, you really need to listen to your body, and know whether its just your fears holding you back or just your technique. "



Pole Fitness Plus: "Finally Heather, what is your guilty pleasure?"

Heather Heaven: "My guilty pleasure are those little cookies that they give you for free on an airplane, I've never been able to find them anywhere else, so if I'm on a flight I always ask the attendant if they'll give me two bags of cookies instead of pretzels!" 


 Watch the Interview Below!

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