Do Stripper Poles Spin in Place?

You're awestruck. Jaw dropped. Wondering in amazement. How do they move like honey being poured into time itself?

A reverse falling liquid defies science, however, when a pole dancer takes hold of that singular vertical apparatus and seamlessly glides around, whatever track is playing all of a sudden comes to life before your eyes. Art transcends gravity, and illusion becomes reality.

Every drop in the beat translates to a feat of strength resulting in an unparalleled human art installation that truly defines the word 'mesmerizing'  - "capturing one's complete attention as if by magic".

When you get down to the brass tacks

female pole dancer on brass pole,

Verdict is, the best poles for dancing on the market come with two settings; static, and you guessed it - spin!

Whether or not the pole dancer is spinning on the pole rarely matters compared to the skill set caliber of the entertainer, exotic performer, or pole fitness practitioner. What does matter are a few factors one might rarely consider when taken aback by the gravity defying combo of strength and grace. (probably why some of the best pole fitness studios have chosen a butterfly as their visual representative)

For pole dancers, the contributing factors to a stunning session come down to:

  • Pole size: The thickness refers to the diameter of the pole. The most common sizes are 50mm45mm, and 40mm, although there are special poles that have thicknesses of 42mm and 48mm.
  • Metal Compound/Alloy of the pole itself.
  • Environmental Humidity. (also a prime contributor to humidititties)
  • Friction; the amount of traction between the pole dancer and the pole. Pole dancing clothes can also provide an enhanced effect with seamless stretch.

What are pole dancing poles made of?

"The materials poles are made of are brass, titanium–gold, stainless steel and chrome. The brass and titanium–gold poles are gold in colour and are used to enhance the grip between the pole and the dancer, and are normally used by more advanced dancers." 

With a gold pole being the obvious choice (clearly, no one's thought of a diamond pole yet), a brass pole is industry standard for most pole dancers. It provides the most traction and functions well with minimum humidity. 

Here you'll find some of the best pole dancing spins you can try out on a static pole!

What was your first mesmerizing pole dancer memory?

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