Conditioning Isn't Just For Hair

When it comes to pole fitness, we're all striving to hit that target. Nail that pose. Dead-lift ourselves into it, or perhaps add that extra bit of flare in a spin. Believe it or not, we can achieve a break-through like this with regular conditioning off the pole and in our living rooms, especially now, thanks in part to COVID-19.

 Self Reflection

Recently, we've all been forced to sit with ourselves and truly reflect on our short and long term goals, to redefine our purpose in these uncertain moments. For most in our community, a lot of those targets involves improving upon our pole performances, where we place our hands when we grip the pole, and perhaps letting go of thinking too much and just feeling the music - to truly go with the flow.

Conditioning Your Mind

Conditioning ourselves for fitness doesn't just apply to our muscle fibers, tendons and joints - it starts and ends with the mind. Take a moment before stretching to visualize yourself executing the move flawlessly. One of the benefits of this technique is to mentally engage the muscles, tendons and joints required for the movement prior to physical exertion. Conditioning your muscle memory is just as beneficial physically, just ask any Olympic athlete.

  • If your goal is to let go of control, put your track on and sit with it. Visualize yourself moving freely with the music.
  • If your goal is to seamlessly hold a position correctly, visualize and truly feel yourself entering the pose and all the way through to the dismount. Remember; Don't discount the dismount!

Choosing The Right Grip Aid

Lastly, think of what liquid grips have worked for you in the past, which ones apply for the humidity of the season we're in and put away old ones that no longer serve your needs. Holy Grip's Rapid Traction is your all-season tire, working best with those of us that sweat - so gear up and keep your dry hands ready for action.


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