10 Hardest No Equipment Exercises from A Top Personal Trainer!

Stuck at home? 

Not ready to go back to the gym yet? Pole studio closed? Looking to get the juiciest bubble butt of your life? Some of the best exercises don't require any fitness equipment at all - zero!

Nothing comes easy, and all of these exercises require consciously engaging each muscle group required for the move. We highly recommend stretching before hand (check out our previous blogs for more on that!) and cooling down with a deep stretch as well, regardless you'll wake up on the tender side .

Resistance bands are a fantastic tool to increase the burn so we've included some powerful moves you can do at home proven to strengthen, recover and rehabilitate the connective tissue between muscles, joints and ligaments!


#10 Jumping Jacks!

When you're ready to kick it off, put on some jams to get turnt up and boost your heart rate with some jumping jacks! As classic as it gets! Part of your warm up and a high intensity workout, important things to consider are aduction and abduction - getting a movement in your shoulders and legs. Out and in!

#9 Bulgarian Split Squats

These are like NOTHING you've ever done before, in our opinion they are the the most under rated single exercise you'll ever do! Don't take our word for it, try out 12 on each side and good luck sitting on the toilet the following day! Seriously great for strengthening hamstrings and glutes for holding superman poses in pole classes


 #8 Glute Bridges

Building a bridge to a tighter athletic butt takes dedication and consistent work, this move is far from easy as the repetitions add up.The trick is to really squeeze your inner butt on the way up with a hard thrust, tight, like crack a walnut tight - and hold it for a second before coming back down. 


 #7 Squats

Considered the king of lower body exercises, this prime movement is easily misused without proper form. This video will show you how to nail every squat by engaging your core, and activating every muscle group in your lower body. Track your results daily and after a month of consistent workouts you'll thank us! Pole fitness gets easier with a stronger more flexible lower half - just sayin.

#6 High Knees

Start off standing straight up, the idea is to get your knees as high as they can get one knee at a time. Similar to running in place, or use your hands as a target to hit. Builds the strength of your legs as well as fires up circulation making this a great warm-up, and high intensity exercise without the use of weights or equipment!


#5 Arm Circles

Keep your arms out to the side, no dropping them. Imagine having a ball in each hand going over and under. This is a high endurance, arm toning exercise that requires no fitness equipment whatsoever. The stamina this builds for pole dancing is unparalleled! Hold a brass monkey that much longer, and transition moves will be MUCH easier.

#4 Shoulder Push Ups

A home workout exercise with nearly immediate results, your shoulders will grow stronger, rounder, and your posture will improve greatly from doing these regularly. Calisthenics utilizes your body weight as resistance, repetitions are where you'll build strength and maximize flexibility.

 #3 Superman Plank

This isolation exercise is great for releasing lower back tension, and also preventing it from happening. It's you're ultimate back strengthening workout, engaging your erector spinae, the largest muscle in your body. This is highly beneficial for stamina while pole dancing.

 #2 Shoulder Rotations

When it comes to pole dancing basics for beginners and pro's alike, shoulders need to be attended to regularly to assure your pole mounts are relatively painless. Ensure you properly warm up, and cool down with extensions and rotations. Done over time this exercise will strengthen your shoulders and increase flexibility!

 #1 Resistance Bands

Get yourself some resistance bands and get ready to fire up a complete upper body workout targeting shoulders, core, pectorals, triceps, biceps and back. Any experienced pole dancing will tell you how much resistance it takes to hold or enter a basic mount or dismount, you're up against the gravity of your entire body while using joints as the fulcrum to lift. So resistance is futile! 


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