All Grip, No Sweat!

Top Quality Athletic Liquid Grip! No-Mess, Sweat Blocking, Clear Drying! CLIMB LONGER!

Premium Pole Fitness Apparel

Engineered to withstand Hot Yoga, made to Handle the Pole! Plus Sizes Inclusive!

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Top Quality Athletic Liquid Grip + More!

Holy Grip Athletics is your one stop shop for The BEST Liquid Grip to keep your Hands Dry with a Sheer-Tack Solution for Rock Climbing, Pole Fitness, and Securing Stunts!

Curious about our clothes? 

Our Bad Ass Apparel selection featured below is Engineered for The Athletic, AND The Exotic!

Each and every item is hand-picked by Top Performing Athletes! Great for Stay-@-Home Strength Training, Hoop Aerialists, Rock Climbing Apparel, Pole Dancing, Exotic Performers, and Hot Yoga!

Our products are designed with high performance materials, and Delivered Right to your Door with an Easy Click-of-a-Button

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New! Sweat-Blocking Liquid Grip
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Increase your hang time by 45min with one application! Say good-bye to sweaty hands and hello to a smooth, sheer, dry traction that stays put!

Climb longer, Secure Stunts and Pole Dance Precisely with the longest lasting liquid grip available!

Work-outs just got that much easier thanks to this perfect clear-drying tack!

60+ Applications in One Bottle! What are you waiting for?
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Rapid Traction 3-Pack
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What Others are Saying

GREAT New Alternative!

I personally enjoy the moisture wicking technology this grip possesses because it leaves my skin feeling great while keeping my palms dry. This is beneficial for pole dancers that want to look moisturized while dancing without losing grip. Great job!


My NEW Favorite Grip!

Finally a grip that doesn’t leave my hands dry and chalky. This grip provides a nice tacky feeling with no residue. As a pole/exotic dancer I’ve been using it daily for shows and training and have been nothing but impressed, Will be using this from now on!


A Strong RELIABLE Grip

As a studio owner and instructor for over 14 years, I have seen and experienced every grip issue known to pole.

Rapid Traction is a grip aid above the rest! Not only made in Canada for Humid climates, it gives the results of multiple products on the market. Dries clear, produces a tack, long lasting and keeps you where you want to be...on the pole!

Tried, Tested and Truly Fantastic! 5* product, 5* results.


Impressive Exotic Dancing

Maximum Pole Performance

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